Hi There :)

Hi There :)
Photo by Alexander Shatov / Unsplash

Welcome to my new blog about electronics and programming.
If you like to tinker and hack like I do, you've come to the right place.

About me

I started hacking and hardware tinkering at a young age. After my apprenticeship as an industrial electronics engineer at Siemens, I'm now studying electrical engineering at the Hochschule Ruhr West in Mülheim.
I like programming MCUs and FPGAs and building PCBs of various kinds. I recently got my HAM radio license, which allows me to legally work with high power radio circuits. I am also into programming apps for desktop and mobile. Furthermore, I am also interested in self-hosting and smart home.

What you can expect

I started this blog to share my experiences with problems I encountered on my own project, so you don't have to suffer the same agony I had reading all the documents.
I also want to document the construction process of some of my upcoming projects, so if you find them interesting rebuild them yourself.
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There are two ways to contact me. If you have a technical question, the best way is to write a comment, so everyone can profit. If you have complaints suggestions or any other stuff that only concerns me, you can contact me via mail: